Mary Mulligan


My love for the practice of Tai Chi began in 2000 with my introduction to Jim Scott Behrends, Tai Chi Master for the Nam Hoa Temple of Internal Arts. My learning was concentrated and consistent giving me the honor to practice closely with Master Jim. The moving Qi Gong form called Longevity Tree provided a basis to learn other forms as well as the standing concentration practice of Zhan Zhuang.

I developed the intention to become an instructor so that I could give others the best of what I have learned. My experience of the beneficial effects of the practice inspired me to teach others. Tai Chi has given me a consistent sense of well being, calm and balance. There is strength and clarity in my body, mind and spirit that I directly attribute to the practice and teaching of these treasured and life affirming gifts.

See my website for more information. My hobbies include hiking, music, and making people laugh.

Mary Mulligan’s Schedule

TAI CHI FOR SENIORS (18 and over are welcome to attend)

Friday mornings: Time is flexible depending on weather, please email or call Mary for current start time
Felton Discovery Park near the sundial OUTDOORS
next to new library on Gushee Street
DROP IN FEE $10/CLASS OR $32/4classes

INDIVIDUAL Tai Chi instruction and Training in Felton
Call Mary for info. at 335-9390 or