Complementary Practices

Complementary Practices that may be taught in your class:

THE ENERGY WORKOUT: The Energy Workout is a series of Qigong warm-ups addressing the breath, the joints, dynamic swinging movements and energy integration practice.

ZHAN ZHUANG PRACTICE: This is a standing concentration practice which literally means “Standing Like a Tree.” It is a unique exercise that uses dynamic stillness to build up and release the flow of energy that is within us. This practice strengthens our internal energy system. Some benefits include: strengthened immunity, high levels of daily energy, and the natural regeneration of the nervous system.

THE SEVEN STEPS OF ARTFUL LIVING: This is a seated guided meditation practice. It is a form of mindfulness training which is beneficial for relaxation and stress reduction. This practice includes working with the awareness of the breath, inner smile practice, compassion practice, awareness of joy and happiness, embracing the mind, and letting go.

VIBRATIONAL QIGONG PRACTICE: This is a standing practice incorporating the use of vibration and awareness of the dan tien (energy center).

HEALING SOUNDS PRACTICE: Training in the use of healing sounds is incorporated into standing concentration practice. Healing sounds helps create awareness of the flow of energy throughout the body.

PUSH HANDS PRACTICE: Wu Style Push Hands Practice is taught by Master Jim.